Saturday, August 21, 2010

Friday, August 20, 2010


Update 1: Personalized Dog Bowl.
This ceramic bowl is the newest addition to the Personalized Dog Bowl Section in LuckyPups Shop.  It can be personalized with any name.  It is microwaveable and dishwasher safe.

Personalized Ceramic Dog Bowl
Update 2: Dog Tags.
I have been working on this project for a while and I still haven't listed the Dog Tags on my shop. But they are coming soon, I promise.  There are may different colors and shapes. Glitter is even embedded in the plastic! Here is a little sneak preview of what to look for...

New Dog Tags with Glitter

Update 3: Blue Bowls.
If you have every stopped by my shop, you know that I sell personalized hot pink dog bowls. Well I just ordered Caribbean Blue bowls for the boys. I wasn't really fair that the boy dogs were stuck with stainless steel and the girls could have a cool color like hot pink. Ha

Koda with New Blue Bowl
Springer with pink dog bowl
Update 4: Heart Bowl.
Speaking of the hot pink dog bowls, I have added a new design for the girly bowls that can be personalized. A heart. What goes better with pink than a heart?

Sheltie Pup with Heart Bowl

Update 5: Mylee.
My sister now has a new puppy named Mylee. She is a super small Sheltie. Koda tolerates her, but Mylee thinks they are best friends. :) Koda usually has to jump on the couch to get away from her when he is tired of her chewing on his tail and ears. She can't jump that high yet!

Mylee sleeping on Koda's Toy.
Mylee and Koda

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Blog Buttons!

Yesterday I decided to create two blog buttons. One for people that have been featured on my blog and standard on that anyone can use. I had to look up how to create these buttons for my blog and thought I would share what I found out for other to use!

To make your own button:
  • Create a 125 x 125 pixel image in an image editing program such as  Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator.  Make sure you save the image as a .gif of .jpg

• Save your image to a website like Photobucket or Flikr

To put a "grab our button" on your blog:

• copy the following html code:

• open your blogger account and choose "design"
• click "add a gadget"
• choose "html" and you'll get a blank box
• paste the code you have copied in the box
• change the words "YOURBLOG"  to your information.
• Change the link to your image. (You'll need to go back to photobucket or wherever you saved your image and get the direct link code.)
• click save

To grab a button:

• copy the html code from the button you want
• open your blogger account and choose "design"
• click "add a gadget"
• choose "html" and you'll get a blank box
• paste the code you have copied in the box
• click save

That's it! The new button should be on your blog. Go ahead, give it a try with LuckyPups new blog button!



Sunday, August 8, 2010

Koda's New Collar

I recently ordered Koda a new collar from the Etsy shop Jennie B. Goode. They believe that dogs & cats deserve to have collars that are as fun and unique as they are!

Jennie decided to start making collars soon after she purchased her puppy Miss Sophia. Sophia is a super cute English Bulldog. After searching for the perfect collar, she eventually found the one she wanted at a local doggy boutique. The only problem was that it was $35! The adorable collar did end up on Miss Sophia's neck and spawned her desire to make fun and unique collars for a reasonable price.

I ordered the Masala dog collar for Koda. This collar features a beautiful pattern with cinnamon browns, butter yellows, pumpkin orange, all finished off with a coordinating brown buckle.

Jennie B. Goode's fabric collars are made with washable cotton fabrics that are lined with sturdy interfacing to add extra strength and stability while still maintaining the collars comfort and softness. Stress points are both double stitched and box stitched for extra strength and durability. They only use contoured buckles for comfort, top notch hardware and heavy welded D rings. The collars are machine washable on the gentle cycle in cold water. 
Thank you so much for making Koda such a cute collar and sending him heart shaped treats! He loved them both! 

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


What is a Gruffin, you ask? A Gruffin is 100% organic dog treat that is shaped like a tiny muffin. It is made from bananas, eggs, honey, rolled oats, flour, granola, canola oil, and water. All Gruffins are home baked in Houston, Texas.

TinyLittleDogBlog was so generous to send Koda a free sample pack of their Gruffins. The first thing I noticed was the smell. They smelt so good that it actually made me want to taste them...but I didn't of course. Ha. The Gruffins were package in a resealable bag and were very fresh and moist when they arrived.

Next I decided to see what Koda thought of the Gruffins. He LOVED them! He wanted to eat them all at once, but of course I didn't let him. He still has a few left in the fridge for later.

Yumm! Koda wants more Gruffins!