Thursday, September 30, 2010

Koda's New Leash

Yesterday I purchased a new leash for Koda. Being the right brained person I am, the plain red leash just wasn't good enough. So last night I decided to update the leash and make it a little more personal. I usually use my vinyl cutter to make stencils for sandblasting my LuckyPups products but this time I wanted to try it with paint. I made a polka dot design personalized with Koda's name and cut it out of piece of vinyl. I then used the vinyl stencil and painted the design onto the leash. Last I finished it of with a few layers of clear coat paint for protection. What do you think?

News from LuckyPups Shop: 

Small Stainless Steel Treat Jars are BACK! Our best selling treat jar have been out of stock since June. Duncan was the last pup to get one of these treat jars but now you can get your own! Check out LuckyPups shop for more information. 


Monday, September 20, 2010

Woo Pig Sooie!

Recently the Arkansas Razorback had a game in Little Rock. This means tailgating! Koda tagged along wearing his Razorback jersey and bringing his Razorback football dog toy.  He had a great time!

A few of us girls with Koda at the Hogs tailgate party. 

Koda decided to meet a few new people. He loves kids.

Sitting on the hill waiting for the game.

Koda with his jersey overlooking all the tents. 

Go Hogs Go!

All of us.

As for LuckyPups photo contest, a cute little pug name Doser won the personalized dog bowl from LuckyPups. He had 105 "likes" or votes on his photo he uploaded to LuckyPups Facebook Fan Page. I shipped his bowl out last friday. He should be sending me photos soon. I can't wait! Thank you so much to everyone that entered! There will be more contests to come. Become a fan to find out when!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Happy 3rd Birthday Koda!

Koda turned three on September 10th. As always we had a birthday party for him complete with a doggie birthday cake, candle, cupcakes, cookies and presents. All dog friendly of course!

(click the photos to enlarge)

Koda's new friend and cousin Mylee was able to attend. It was her first birthday party to be a part of. She loved the sprinkles and icing! 

First was lighting the candle and sing happy birthday. 


Next the dogs got to try out the doggie cake, cookies, and cupcakes.


Last was Koda favorite part of his birthday... opening presents! 


Koda received a toy furry owl and Skineez Moose in his gift bag. His cousin Mylee gave him a Jack toy and two bags of yummy treats. Mylee decided she would take over the new toys :) She is so tiny you can barely tell her apart from the toys!

Over all Koda had a great 3rd birthday! 

In celebration of Koda's birthday LuckyPups is doing a photo contest on LuckyPups Facebook Fan Page. All you have to do is upload a photo of your dog and get your friends to vote by becoming a fan of LuckyPups and "liking" your photo. The dog with the most "likes" wins a personalized dog bowl!  But hurry! The contest ends tonight at midnight! 

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Splish Splash

So a few days ago, I decided to let Koda go on a boat ride with us to the White River. To my surprise he LOVED it! He usually doesn't like water too much, especially baths. Even at the pool he just stays on the top step...never more. At the river it was a totally different story! He would jump, run, splash and play in the river. He had so much fun running from the water to the sand and back.

He also played fetch in the water, something that he has never done before.

Koda's 3rd birthday is September 10th and I will be doing a contest on LuckyPups Facebook Fan Page!

The dog with the most votes for there best Birthday Photo will receive this personalized glass dog bowl. 14 different fonts available! Check out my Etsy shop for more information on this bowl.

 How to Enter: 
1. Become a fan of LuckyPups on Facebook.

2. Upload your best birthday photo.

3. Invite your friends to become a fan and vote! You can not vote more than once per photo.Voting multiple times for the same photo is not allowed on this contest.

*Contest ends Wednesday, September 15th at Midnight, Central time .

If you have any questions please message Koda on Facebook or send an email to