Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Koda's Haircut Revised

So as you know from a recent post I tried to cut Koda's hair myself instead of taking him to the groomers. It didn't turn out so well...so today I tried again. His hair had grown out a little so I thought I could touch it up and make it look a little better than before. I took one of my followers advice and trimmed up his legs - front and back. I think this was great advice and he looks much better now! What do you think?

I also got an order for an stainless steel personalized dog bowl recently. I thought it turned out really great! I hope Luna from Texas loves her new bowl!

To purchase a dog bowl for your puppy please visit LuckyPups Shop.


  1. Koda is so cute! i think he'd look adorable with any haircut! ;)

    I found you on etsy forums. Please come visit me, and make sure you enter my give away!


  2. Hi! Thanks for following the you & me show! Come on over and introduce yourself to our readers over here http://www.theyouandmeshow.com/2010/01/welcome-readers.html :)

  3. Koda is ADORABLE! I just wanna hug him to death, he looks so fluffy! :)

  4. I think you did a pretty darn good job. My dogs would end up looking like they were attacked by a flowbie. :)