Thursday, July 22, 2010

Eco Friendly Dog Toys

Recently my sister made a blanket out of her old softball t-shirts. She wanted an unique way to display her shirts so they wouldn't just be hanging in her closet. It turned out pretty cute!

Anyways she had LOTS of left over t-shirt scraps lying around. I decided to take a few of her scraps and turn them into a eco-friendly dog toy. I tried 3 different ways of braiding and knotting the material until I finally I decided on a that worked. Next tested it on my Pomeranian Koda. He LOVED it! I made a few more in different colors and listed them on my Etsy Shop today.

To purchase your Eco-friendly, upcycled dog toy please visit LuckyPups Shop and click on Toys. 

Last week LuckyPups Personalized Treat Jar featured on a blog called Life's Lovely Mess written by Gwen. She loves her two dogs, Coco & Rex. Check out her blog and post about spoiled dogs.

I also signed up for my first "Baby Blogger Thrusday" today. Its to promote blogs that have been posting less than a year. Check it out and add your blog!


  1. Your newest follower! We have a beloved Doberman, and I can't wait to get his Christmas present, lol!

    Found you on Etsy! Check us out and return the love! :)

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  3. Those are so neat! I love recycling material and making something new.