Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spring is Here! Time for new items!

Here at LuckyPups we have a few new items out just in time for spring!

First off is our new stainless steel double diners.  These diners are prefect for your dog's food and water or even for two dogs to share. There are 4 designs and 15 fonts to choose from. Two of the designs are made for 2 doggie names and as with any of our products, you can always request a custom design.

Another new product is our personalized doggie toy buckets.  They are perfect for storing all of your puppy's toys, brushes, leashes, ect. They can also be used as a puppy Easter basket. You have the choice of a hot pink or blue pail. 

My Pom Koda posing by his personalized pail in his Easter Picture.

We have always had personalized glass bowls, but we now have two new designs. The name of you dog will reach from the top to the bottom of the bowl. In the first design the bowl is completely etched except for the name. The second design is the opposite. The name is etched and the bowl is left clear.   These bowls are cute to use as a set or alone.

Last but not least is our traditional stainless steel bowl with new shape. It is designed for just long-eared breeds. The bowl is narrower at the top so ears won’t get in food or water. No more wet ears!

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