Monday, September 20, 2010

Woo Pig Sooie!

Recently the Arkansas Razorback had a game in Little Rock. This means tailgating! Koda tagged along wearing his Razorback jersey and bringing his Razorback football dog toy.  He had a great time!

A few of us girls with Koda at the Hogs tailgate party. 

Koda decided to meet a few new people. He loves kids.

Sitting on the hill waiting for the game.

Koda with his jersey overlooking all the tents. 

Go Hogs Go!

All of us.

As for LuckyPups photo contest, a cute little pug name Doser won the personalized dog bowl from LuckyPups. He had 105 "likes" or votes on his photo he uploaded to LuckyPups Facebook Fan Page. I shipped his bowl out last friday. He should be sending me photos soon. I can't wait! Thank you so much to everyone that entered! There will be more contests to come. Become a fan to find out when!


  1. I love that you took Koda tailgating!!!! Sophia would love to tailgate but I have a feeling she may want to go to a Georgia Bulldogs game ;) Me , I am a born and raised Canadian so it is all the same to me.

  2. Oh he had so much fun! He loves being around people. I bet Sophia would love a Bulldogs game. Maybe they would let her be the mascot for the day! Ha :)