Thursday, September 30, 2010

Koda's New Leash

Yesterday I purchased a new leash for Koda. Being the right brained person I am, the plain red leash just wasn't good enough. So last night I decided to update the leash and make it a little more personal. I usually use my vinyl cutter to make stencils for sandblasting my LuckyPups products but this time I wanted to try it with paint. I made a polka dot design personalized with Koda's name and cut it out of piece of vinyl. I then used the vinyl stencil and painted the design onto the leash. Last I finished it of with a few layers of clear coat paint for protection. What do you think?

News from LuckyPups Shop: 

Small Stainless Steel Treat Jars are BACK! Our best selling treat jar have been out of stock since June. Duncan was the last pup to get one of these treat jars but now you can get your own! Check out LuckyPups shop for more information. 


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  1. Super cute items and doggie!! Thanks for adding a link to your blog in my forum post -- I hope you visit my way!