Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Wedding Dog

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Being recently engaged, I have been looking through lots and lots of bridal magazines and websites. I have noticed that many brides are including their dogs in their wedding.  Dogs are part of the family, right? So why wouldn't they be included in the wedding ceremony?

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 Even before I started the planning part of my own wedding, I knew that I would like to include Koda in some part of this life changing even. It's going to change his life too. He will be moving to a new home, getting a new black lab sister and a new human dad to play with.


I have been trying to decided exactly what role Koda should play. I was thinking that I could include him in the engagement photos. That way if the venue I choose doesn't allow pets he could still be there in the photos I use for decoration.

My other option is to use him in the actual wedding ceremony. I have seen other brides use there pups for ring bearers and flower girls. I also thought maybe he could walk with one of the ushers.

They have lots of cute doggie wedding outfits to choose from - fancy collars and ties, doggie tuxes, and ring bearer pillows. So many decisions to make before the big day. I'm leaning toward the bow tie collar or collared neck piece with a tie (shown in the top photo).

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I have never been to a wedding where there was a dog in the ceremony. I would love to hear about your experience with doggie wedding attendants. What's your opinion? Leave your dog at home and  include them in a few photos or let them join in on the wedding celebration fun?

Hopefully something like this wouldn't happen...

Koda after playing in the mud

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  1. Aw... I wish I'd had Bella in our wedding!

  2. Yes this is a new trend , I agree after all pets are also a part of the Family.